Centre Stage Karaoke!

  • Karaoke celebrates its 52nd birthday in 2023!

    Originating in the city of Kobe, Japan in 1971, karaoke quickly gained popularity to become one of the most popular forms of party entertainment throughout the world. To quote Wikipedia, "Karaoke, a clipped compound of Japanese kara meaning "empty" and "ōkesutora" meaning "orchestra", and is a type of interactive entertainment, usually offered in clubs and bars, where people sing along to instrumental versions of popular music, using a microphone." OK, we know this, but note that karaoke is still as popular today as it ever has been, especially in the UK.

    Centre Stage Discos is not new to the phenomonon of karaoke. We've done a few karaoke shows over the years, but we thought it was time to fully re-introduce the service at the beginning of 2023. We now perform regular karaoke shows at local venues and across the UK, which you are welcome to come along and see.

    Karaoke is fun! Furthermore, it doesn't matter whether you can sing in perfect pitch or screech your way through a song. We all like to sing, whether it's in the shower, while cooking a meal, or just singing our socks off in the car. We're all great singers!

    The Centre Stage Disco karaoke 'machine' consists of two screens, space permitting. A small screen for the singer and a large screen which faces the audience. Furthermore, with Centre Stage Karaoke, you get the FULL disco show too! You can choose the percentage of karaoke-to-disco you like. What's that you ask? You want 100% karaoke? That's no problem!

    We provide four radio microphones for singers, or you can have cabled microphones if you prefer - there are good reasons for this. Check out our blog to find out why. If you want more microphones, just ask.

    Our karaoke music collection is vast! From the latest chartbusters, to legends of pop, rock, soul, dance, rock & roll, from all popular decades ... and so much more! We welcome your playlists too. Whether you are looking for a bevy of Bollywood bangers, a collection of Caribbean classics or a plethora of Philippino party favourites (Yes, we have provided these!) then you have come to the right place.

    We provide several copies of our karaoke music directory in A4 book format so you can browse through our collection, which can often help with people's choice in the songs they want to sing. Making a request couldn't be simpler too. Fill in one of our kareoke request slips, which we provide for each table, or you can make use of our ever-popular text request service, or simply pop over and have a natter.