Enjoy a Fabulous Centre Stage Production!

  • Have your very own bespoke production for your wedding reception, first dance, grand opening, product launch or any other event to showcase something special!

    Why not have a fully customised medley of music to complement your special occasion? We have a huge portfolio of customised creations to our name, some of which were produced for product launches, beauty pageants, grand openings for public venues, etc.

    It could be a simple medley of your favourite songs, or a more complex production which involves editing and re-mixing, fully customised to match a dance routine, a light show or one of many other special processes, whether for a private function or larger corporate event.

    Our production techniques are second to none and our portfolio includes:

    * Music Factory Entertainment Group
    * Mastermix Records
    * Jive Bunny
    * Pure Energy Fitness
    * JK & Joel at Virgin Radio (Now Absolute Radio)
    * Miss Mansfield & Sherwood Forest
    * Walker's Bingo
    * The National Geographic Survey
    * Britain's Got Talent semi-finalists, The Chippendoubles.