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    Or any other themed quiz, be they music quizzes, sports quizzes, TV and film quizzes, etc.

    We know what makes a good quiz, having been putting them together for many years. We research the answers to ensure nothing is ambiguous. We also like to see everybody getting good scores, the idea being to ensure that people are encouraged to return to any quiz night again and again.

    This and other games can be supplied directly to pubs and venues up and down the country as digital downloads too at very competitive rates.

    Musical Bingo

    We recently found ourselves being asked to provide musical bingo nights at a local venue. After a small learning curve, these were put together and provided a fun and entertaining evening.

    What impressed us the most about these nights was that people found themselves discussing the music and this just created a really nice atmosphere where everybody was joining in.

    The idea is simple. Instead of having numbers on a bingo card, you have song titles instead. A selection of music is played to suit the needs of the party while each team crossed off the song title from a grid on the bingo card.

    People won prizes for getting a line, all four corners and, of course, the full house.

    Mr. & Mrs.

    Of course, we are not old enough to remember the original Anglia Television series (Aahem!) but we are sometimes asked to provide a Mr. & Mrs. game at wedding parties.

    We always try to find out in advance if the questions we ask are suitable and we then proceed to put the bride and groom on show by positioning them in the centre of the room while asking them questions such as "What song would he or she choose to sing in a karaoke?", "Who will be most hungover after the wedding?", "What is his/her most annoying trait?", "Who was the first to say I love you?" and "Who is the most adventurous in the bedroom?".

    That's right, sometimes we are asked to give some rather risque questions. But it's up to the individuals.

    Other Games

    There are so many other games we could provide at your party, but the three mentioned above are the most requested and always create a great atmosphere. Why not ask us to organise a game or two at your party?