If you really need to know the gory details

We do discos! ... and karaoke!

We have ways of making you dance! Can we guarantee great success at your party or event? Yes, absolutely! If you are up for a party and looking for a great night out where the DJ actually listens and plays your requests, then you've come to the right place!

We have an excellent intelligent light show and a powerful stacked sound system (6kW RCF bass and tops!) which can be tailored to suit most venues.

Our music collection is enormous, covering virtually all tastes. We have the latest chart-topping tunes and a huge selection of oldies, covering the 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s, ... well, you get the idea.

We can also fine tune the music and focus on specific genres, such as house, northern soul, rave, rock, soul, Motown, etc. However, it's not possible to have absolutely everything, so we always ask our customers to let us know in advance if there's anything specific or unusual they may require so we can make sure that we have it.

We have a comprehensive booking form we send out to all our customers. Our Ts & Cs cover every possible aspect of our services so you know what you can expect from us, giving you a written guarantee of everything we will be providing.

Quite simply, we've got you covered in every respect! Download a copy of our Public Liability Insurance and our electrical safety certificates (P.A.T. Testing) here.

Centre Stage Discos are also members of Poptop UK, Add To Event and The Mobile DJ Network. Poptop have also awarded us the status of "SUPER SUPPLIER" because of our commitment to our customers.
We arrive at the party venue at a time to suit you. If you are having a meal or after dinner speeches, etc. and need us to set up earlier in the day, we are happy to oblige.

We like to allow two hours to set up our equipment, although it takes slightly less than this. We just like to have that extra time, should anything require attention. i.e. changing a lamp, etc. We do carry back-up equipment, but the additional time is often useful for a number of reasons.

So how much does it cost? Before you read this, please be aware that we are always flexible and we are happy to change the pricing to fit around your budget and your needs, so never be afraid to ask us about this. Typically, our fee of £349 covers up to five hours performance. We do not charge for the time taken to set up and dismantle our equipment. If you want to book our karaoke, this currently come to you for the ame fee, also for up to five hours performance, and includes a two screen display. A screen for the singer and a larger screen for the audience. Please note that prices do not include New Year's Eve.

Additional hours are charged at £75 per hour or part thereof. We like to set fixed prices for our customers for clarity, but there may be discounts for regular bookings or for returning customers.

We have two offices in Lincolnshire, but we cover the East Midlands, East Anglia and beyond. Our regular service area covers a 50 mile radius from our base in south-east Lincolnshire, but we frequently travel well beyond this into the West Midlands, Yorkshire, London and the south-east, the Lake District ... Quite simply, we cover events virtually right across England.

Additional travel costs will be chargable if the distance exceeds 70 miles from our base near Spalding. Again, this is flexible, but we currently charge £1.00 per additional mile as fuel costs have come down a little recently. Just ask us for a price if you are unsure. We hope that the mileage charge can be further reduced in the near future.
John Faulkner and Alison Walker are the proprietors of Centre Stage Discos. Although John Faulkner has been providing discos for many years, it is only recently that he joined forces with Alison to provide a more comprehensive and better structured service for our clients.

It's a team effort. The technology has streamlined things in so many ways, but it has also led to an increased amount of service time where the skills of two operators have become absolutely necessary. We put out a fairly large show these days so the assembly and dismantling of our equipment takes a little longer.

John is an old hand at the game. His many years of experience has given him a wealth of knowledge about the music and the presentation, but more importantly, to ensure that we list to our customers needs and do our best to make sure that you have a thoroughly successful and enjoyable event.

John has also worked in the music industry as a Music Producer for the Music Factory Entertainment Group, based in Rotherham, where he has produced 40 albums and more than 600 remixes of well-known popular songs for the Mastermix label. He is a member of 80s chart-topping band Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers for whom he produced two albums and two remixes.

His portfolio also includes mix production for JK and Joel at Virgin Radio (Now Absolute Radio) and a wealth of community radio work.

Live production has included product launches, beauty pageants, exhibitions and a variety of public events such as and grand openings of venues and shops.

John was a presenter on RSL station Max FM 100.6 in Nottingham in the early 90s and was a regular presenter on Lindsey Coast Radio.

As a Producer, John has also provided jingles and commercials for local radio across the UK, including Cannock Chase FM (Staffordshire), Angel Radio (Portsmouth), Felixstowe Radio, Zack FM (Mildenhall), Kennett Radio (Newbury), Mearns FM (Stonehaven), Phoenix FM (Dewsbury), Ros FM (Roscommon) and Saint FM on the island of St. Helena.